Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Genius Wars by Catherine Jinks****

Cadel is back in The Genius Wars. He is living his normal life, or as normal as he can get. He still hangs out with Hamish, and is trying not to be like the boy Prosper has made him to be. When the police catch Prosper on camera, his adoptive father shows him the footage. Cadel realizes that Prosper's photo has been inserted in the video feed. When Sonja's wheelchair is hacked, Cadel must find out who is responsible for landing her in the hospital. Then a bus crashes into his house, putting his father in the hospital. Cadel embarks on his epic journey to find and destroy Prosper English.

These series books are amazing. They continue to keep me interested, even during the school scenes. With the ability to involve hacking, Catherine Jinks opens up a huge window for herself and Cadel. She can make almost anything happen in her books. These books are great for middle-schoolers.