Monday, November 25, 2013

Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers***

In Fallen Angels, Richard Perry has signed up to fight in the Vietnam War. Perry is deployed in the jungles of Vietnam, and strikes a friendship with Peewee, a teen with an attitude. In their squad they have a bunch of misfits. Some are overly religious, some are control freaks, but they all will fight together. They fight the "Congs" which are the nicknames for the Vietnam soldiers. They bond as friends and they bond as soldiers, and each and everyone of them will not be forgotten. Ever.

This book was historical fiction. If you didn't know, I hate historical fiction. But when I read a historical fiction book, it's likely to be good. I think the amount of detail was a bit over done. This is a war scene, it gets pretty gruesome with details. Overall the book was fine. Lots of strong language and lots of death. I wouldn't recommend this to younger kids.