Monday, November 18, 2013

Projection by Risa Green****

Projection is about Gretchen and her friend, Jessica. When Gretchen's mother is killed, most likely from being the head of the Oculus Society, everything in Gretchen's life turns upside-down. Gretchen blames the most hated girl in school for this: Ariel. Then Jessica is accepted into the Oculus Society, and soon learns about an ability to switch bodies. Jessica insists that Gretchen should come and do the ritual with her. The ritual involves them "kissing." Ariel catches them and makes it a scandal, but while this is happening, Jessica and Gretchen have switched bodies. Ariel soon learns that the two girls go to a different school. A school in England. Ariel becomes the most popular girl in the school because of this. When Jessica and Gretchen come back they manage to wrap Ariel up in their world of switching bodies. The three girls now must uncover who killed Gretchen's mother, and why they did it.

I thought this book had a very good grip of action. It never failed to be sad on the sad parts, or mad in the mad parts (there are a lot of these). I think the author could have described the charcters better, but overall I though this was a great book. Anyone looking for a good read should look here. BONUS: If you find out who committed the murder, post it in the comments section!