Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The One Where The Kid Nearly Jumps To His Death And Lands in California by Mary Hershey****

The One Were The Kid Nearly Jumps To His Death And Lands in California is about Alastair aka Stump. He had jumped from a ski lift to avoid the truth about his father, who he tries to completely avoid. But his mother is forcing a visit, so he is on his way to L.A to see his father. He gets caught up in big swim race involving celebrities and his step-mother's niece. This visit doesn't make him bond with his dad, and Stump thinks that his dad is making fun of him because he only has one real leg (he lost the other in his ski jump accident). But he sets out to prove something by training with a 72 year old swim coach. During the celebrity swim race, the coach suffers a heart attack and Stump must save him, but can he save himself and his relationship with his father?

This book is full of lessons to be taught. One of the main lessons is loyalty. Stump's father kept being unloyal to his mother and that's what led to his parent's divorce. Another lesson is duty (I guess). Stump must clean the beach, re-paint and re-sand bleachers, and he must pass out posters protesting against his step-mother and his father over a beach property issue. I think this book is for the people who just love a little laugh and a little rebellion.