Monday, September 9, 2013

Execution by Alexander Gordon Smith*****

Execution is the final book in the "Escape the Furnace" series. I am astounded at how he ended this book. This is definitely one of the must reads on my list and maybe the most perfect book I've read so far. Execution starts when Alex is turning into a mutation that will be more horrifying than anything readers have seen before. Zee and Simon must find a way to help and restore Alex's mental health and continue their journey to kill Alfred Furnace.

This book shakes the whole rest of the series into oblivion by just being such a shell-shocking book. I personally was not expecting this type of ending, and this book was very entertaining as a whole. Execution is for anyone who is a teen and has read the rest of the series. You should get this series now! I personally think it is better than The Hunger Games series.