Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fugitives by Alexander Gordon Smith*****

Fugitives is the fourth book in the Furnace series and is as good as all the others. In this book, Alex must face his worst fear, Alfred Furnace, and as he tries to find and kill him, he also has to fight his old enemy, the warden. Alex is on the run from the police and the monsters that Furnace releases into the city to show him that he has made his decision-- TO DIE!

This book is for anyone who likes a good horror story and a bit of action as well. This made me really appreciate my own life because I realize that reality for some kids in war-torn nations is a lot like living in the hell-hole called the Furnace. I think this series is appropriate for 15 or older because it is really bloody an gruesome. This book is not for the weak of stomach.