Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The New Policeman by Kate Thompson***

The New Policeman is about J.J Liddy, an amazing fiddlist who has grown up with stories about fairies. He is trying to get more time in his world because it feels like there is so little left. He tells his mother's friend about his feeling and gets sucked into a whole new world. His new world is being corrupted by our world's time and is speeding up. He must figure out how to stop the time leak and save the fairy realm forever.

This book was so weird. Kids who don't know of a "before" or "after". Kids that have to grow up in our world. Kids that take the place of our very own children. I was personally creeped out by how a 100+ man could be destroying the time "skin" and making it so that we have no more time to do what we want. I think this should be read by those kids that love a good thriller.