Monday, September 16, 2013

Rash by Pete Hautman*****

Rash is about Bo, a boy in the USSA (the United Safer States of America). Bo is constantly getting in trouble--like father, like son. His father is in a work camp for road rage, basically beating another person's car. His brother is also in a work camp. So what happens to Bo? You guessed it--he ends up in a work camp after he is pushed by his instincts to protect his girlfriend from Karlohs Mink, some guy who's trying to steal her away from him. He is sent to a camp and ends up playing football, which was outlawed in the late 21st century because it's dangerous. But football is good for Bo because it gets him big and strong and allows him to survive some harsh conditions that he faces.

This book is so futuristic, but it's a future that I hope we never see. Bo can't do any of the things we take for granted. Say goodbye to your big dogs, sports, and simple walks around town. Bo's world is definitely different, but I choose freedom over safety.