Sunday, September 29, 2013

H.I.V.E Dreadnought by Mark Walden*****

H.I.V.E Dreadnought is about a group of villainous children: Otto, Wing, Shelby, Laura, and Lucy. They all are selected for their special abilities in the world. Otto can access online stuff through his mind, Wing is a very good peacekeeper, Shelby is a thief that has never been caught, Laura is an amazing hacker, and Lucy can get people to do stuff with her voice--she whispers a command and the person has to obey. They must stop an evil man by the name of Drake with the help of a "ninja" Raven, and their Headmaster, Dr. Nero. Can they save the world? Will they beat the odds? And most of all, who will survive?

This book is the fourth book in the H.I.V.E series. It brings to the table nuclear war and super volcanoes. I personally enjoy how in this series it says they are villains, when they are really are out saving the world. This is a book for grades 5 and up.