Friday, September 20, 2013

Soldier Dog by Sam Angus*****

Soldier Dog is about Stanley, a boy who lives with his father (who is obsessed with dog racing). Their best racer gets pregnant, and Stanley's father threatens to drown the pups. Stanley becomes attached to the runt and nurses him to health, but then his father says they're going to sell the pups. The runt is left and Stanley calls him Soldier. This angers his dad, and he goes to drown the runt. Stanley runs away and joins the army to find his brother Tom. He ends up training dogs for the army and is the fastest trainer in the army. Will Stanley survive? Will he die? And most of all, will he ever go back home?

This book was a tale about WWI, which was a very bloody war. It shows you how stupid war is and how dogs are man's best friend. This was really heartbreaking in the beginning and even at the end. This for anyone who has a soft-spot for dogs.