Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reboot by Amy Tintera****

Reboot is about a future where the earth has been taken over by a disease and one of the only surviving places is Texas. Wren is a reboot who stayed dead for 178 minutes, the longest time ever. She is pumped for choosing day (this is where the "adults" choose who they will train) and sees the choices. She notices Callum, a 22 who is still human almost all the way through. She trains him and falls in love which has never happened to any reboot, and decides to escape with him.

This book was so funny and weird at the same time it was hard to tell which it was. I thought it was creepy that the dead came back to life and were stronger, faster, and more resilient than us. It was super funny though because of all the wit that Callum recovered from when he was human. There was always a joke to be found. This is for teens and up.