Friday, September 27, 2013

Notes From the Midnight Driver by Jordon Sonnenblick*****

Notes From the Midnight Driver is about Alex. His father and mother are divorced, and he has plans to set his father straight and confront him about leaving the family. He has a genuis idea: drink a bunch of vodlka and then drive to his father's apartment. This all goes wrong when he crashes into his neighbor's lawn and is sent to jail. He manages to get a communtity service assignment at an old folks home. This is where he meets Sol, an old person who is one of the trouble makers at the home. He will tell lies to other people to keep them on their toes. This all changes when Alex decides to bring his gutair. He plays songs for Sol and becomes an old folks home vistitor, but this all goes wrong when he decides to have a concert for the home. As he is playing his gutair, Sol asks if Alex can go get his other pair of glasses for him. When Alex comes back down, having failed at finding the other pair of glasses, Sol is playing better than Alex has ever seen or heard. As Alex uncovers secrets about Sol, he knows he must help Sol learn to live with his past.

This book was very, very inspirational to me. It shows that even if something looks boring, it can still be really fun. Sort of like Alex at the home with Sol. I just loved all the funny ways Sonnenblick includes new things. From languages to lawn gnomes, this is a book you don't want to miss.