Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saving Gracie by Carol Bradley*****

Saving Gracie is an amazing book about puppy mills. The way the dogs are treated, the way the dogs are bred, the way they live. This book was really heartbreaking, how all the dogs had diseases, how they all were flea ridden, how the were covered in their own waste(poop and pee). I really felt the feeling the dogs felt, they avoided all human contact. They didn't even try to be friendly. I think that this is a very pressing matter. It is a real problem, and it should be treated like a real problem. So many dogs are put down because of over breeding. We've always adopted dogs from a shelter, and one of ours is Captain, I've included a picture of him. He was pulled from a high kill shelter.

This book is meant to open eyes and show the world the problems that we ignore. I highly recommend this book to everyone.