Monday, February 10, 2014

Dare Me by Eric Devine*

I liked Dare Me, but it didn't click. It was too descriptive, and it was a bit inappropriate. I think it was a bad influence type of book, they characters were jumping off bridges and getting shot at. I don't recommend this book to anyone under the age of 13, it was messed up, and deals with a lot of blood--someone's ear was kicked off. If this doesn't convince you, somebody lost a left eye, people's arms were broken, and scholarships were ruined. Again, I don't recommend this book for anyone under the age of 13, and listing out some of the events should convince you, right?

The whole story or plot is: Ben and his friends are doing stunts to be "famous." They do a bunch of stuff that ends up with Ben in girl trouble, and his friends in cop trouble. I liked the book, but it was just not right. I didn't agree with a lot of person(s) ideas/comments, but this is just my taste. It depends on your taste of book. There might be a bit of a mystery in there as well.