Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trafficked by Kim Purcell***

Trafficked is about a girl from Moldova. She is sent over to the U.S and is promised to get four hundred dollars a week working as a nanny for children. But she is illegal, and is never paid for her work. She can't even leave the house. It's only when she's beaten by her employer that she manages to get the secret out that she is illegal.

This book is okay. Human trafficking is real, and very bad, but I didn't really understand this book. In the beginning of the book she is fine with her job. It doesn't really start to get to you that she's been trafficked until she starts to think that something is wrong. Also with the nanny job, I wouldn't know, but would somebody traffic a person over to be a nanny? I think that middle school students might like this book.