Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Infects by Sean Beaudion****

The Infects is about a group of kids who have been convicted of some actions that they did. Nero, one of the boys, worked at a poultry plant, but broke very expensive equipment. At the directional camp, some of the kids there go crazy. They start eating some of the other kids there, so some of the kids, including Nero, escape. They band together and fight of some of the so-called zombies off. They manage to escape, and then learn the worst thing they've probably ever heard.

This book is a very funny book. It made the zombies have more intellegance and speed than most other books. The author makes the zombies feel very realistic. I think that if the place where this happened was more realistic, I might of liked this book better. The way the book ends is such a giant surprise, that you have to like it. I think that zombie-lovers will like this book.