Monday, May 12, 2014

Croak by Gina Damico***

Croak is about Lex. She's been acting out lately, so her parents decide it's time to send her to her uncle's farm. It turns out to be a place where reapers collect dead souls and send them into the afterlife. She hears stories of a reaper that lived long ago after seeing many deaths that nobody knows about. The reaper had very special powers, and discovered many secrets. But with people dying of an unknown cause, Lex doesn't get a break-until her uncle comes up with a plan to stop the rouge reaper (look at that alliteration). All Lex has to do is scythe her way to the death site fast enough. She manages to find the reaper, but is given the choice of a lifetime. Kill all the people who have done wrongs, or save them.

Sometimes I read the Amazon reviews just to see what people thought about it, and somebody wrote something that I hadn't even realized (here's a link, last review of the section). This book resembles Harry Potter. She points out that Lex is taken on a motorcycle with a weird man, finds out that they're different from everyone else, given an education in this subject, and even has a blond haired nemesis. Remember, this is written by someone else, so click on the link above, this review is really smart and pointed out something that I didn't even think of. I did like this book, and I am sort of excited for the sequel. I think that this book should be read by high school students. It is very inappropriate.