Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas***

The Burning Sky is about Archer. He is a boy attending Eton, a school for boys. Some people in his world can control some four elements. The elements are: water, air, fire, and earth. There are some sub-branches of these powers as well. Archer has control of these powers, and what nobody knows is that Archer is really a girl. It's her goal to stop Bane, the head of the villains in this book, and to help restore the world/region to its former peace.

When I figured out there are only four elements, fire, earth, water, and air, my mind went straight to the Last Airbender.  This is (or was) a show that I saw some, but not much. I briefly picked up details on it, and I think that the author of this book might be ripping the show off a little. The four elements in the Last Airbender are fire, earth, water, and air (from what I can remember). I think that element/magic is very overdone, it's not bad, it's just that most books I read have this. I don't know what time period this book is set in, it's pretty confusing. I think that if you like fantasy books, you will like this book too. Tomorrow I will give an update for the summer.