Monday, April 21, 2014

Wise Young Fool by Sean Beaudoin****

Wise Young Fool is about Ritchie Sudden. He's a teenager in a band that isn't even real, until his friend decides to enter them into a competition. His friend gets a bongo drummer and a singer to join them for the contest. They are amazing, but don't win. The contest guaranteed a chance on TV, and some money. Ritchie is sent to juvie after the contest because he drives through a house. The reason: his sister.

I loved Ritchie. He is a character that many teenagers can relate to. He has his struggles, but also his high times. I really liked some of the other characters in the story as well. The author could have changed the way Ritchie disrupted the system in juvie, or the way he brought on life problems. I really think high school readers will love this.