Friday, April 25, 2014

The Worlds We Make by Megan Crewe***

The Worlds We Make is about Kaelyn and her friends who are trying to get a vaccine to the CDC to mass produce it. Along the way, some close friends die, and Kaelyn is captured by a group of people who want the vaccine to get power. She manages to hide the vaccine in a stream before she gets captured. With her brother's inside help, the group manages to escape the compound. Kaelyn's group finds CDC and brings the vaccine with them, but Michael (the head of the group that wants power) is already there, ready to steal it. She works out an agreement between the two sides, and respects the dead who helped her on her journey.

I think that this book would've been better if it included more action scenes. It felt dull throughout most of the book. The few spots that they actually were escaping, fighting, or running from enemies became dull very quickly. Most of the time the group is hiding or trying to get to CDC. I think that if this had changed, I would've liked this book better. I think that high school students will like this book.