Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Now is the Time for Running by Michael Williams*****

Now is the Time for Running is about a 15-year-old African refugee (Deo) whose family is killed, all but his 25-year-old brother and perhaps his father, who he has never met. His brother, Innocent, is slightly mentally challenged (the result of the doctor's negligence when he was born), and he cannot go anywhere without his Bix-box, a tin box that holds his most cherished possessions. When Innocent is forced to run (without Deo, who is helping someone), he forgets his Bix-box and must return to a very dangerous place to get it. Deo is heartbroken when he returns to get Innocent. Deo is forced to go on without his older brother. Can Deo get across the border and find his father?

This book is amazing. It is adventurous, emotional, humorous, and educational. It is also well-written, and I liked how well-developed the characters are. I got really attached to Deo and Innocent and all of the characters. I haven't felt this sad about a book in a long time. I encourage all middle schoolers to read this book. It is definitely memorable.