Friday, March 21, 2014

The Creature Department by Robert Paul Weston****

In The Creature Department Elliot and Leslie are invited to his uncle's secret lab at DENKi-3000.  Inside they find things beyond their wildest dreams. They find the secret behind DENKi-3000's success. Creatures. They help Elliot's uncle come up with amazing ideas, and provide essence to help power the ideas. But this may be all for nothing. DENKi-3000 is going bankrupt, and may have to sell their business to Quazicom. Can Elliot and Leslie save DENKi-3000 from going bankrupt?

This book is a very, very creative book. I think that if this book had more creatures in the creature department that this book would have had a lot more room to be more creative than it is now. I love the way that the author incorporates so many hidden details. It open up the plot to new ideas. I think a sequel could happen, and would be an interesting second book. I think middle school readers would love this book.