Friday, March 14, 2014

The Big Empty by J.B Stephens****

The Big Empty is all about a post-apocalyptic world where Strain 7, a disease, has wiped out a bunch of people. The survivors are forced to live on the coast, and the middle, there is nothing, or, the Big Empty. Keely gets a message telling her about a group of people trying to settle the Big Empty, and would like her to bring a bit of culture to the society. This intriguing tale of awesome adventure is of Keely and six other teens trying to make it in the Big Empty.

This book is very action-packed. It had some dull moments, but then picked right back up. You always have to be on edge for the characters. This book also uses a lot of detail. You never get a clear picture of who Keely is, but with the other teens, you do. Everyone in this book feels real enough to be in our society today. I recommend this book to older readers.