Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blackout by Robison Wells*****

Blackout is all about four teens who are living in a time of crisis. America is overrun with seventeen to twenty-three year-old people attacking national monuments and destroying power supplies. The military is taking all the teens to test for a virus that apparently gives them a special power that is unique to the person that has the skill. The rebellion that is destroying monuments are all teens that have these kinds of special abilities. Can these four teens stop, or help this cause?

This book is highly interesting. It seems like there would be a sequel. The characters are always changing, and the way this book adds the mutation from a virus instead of some sort of injection that every teen has to go through. The detail is great, and the way the U.S is taken over is pretty good as well. I think any reader would love this book, especially if they like longer and more thought out books.