Monday, March 24, 2014

Sick by Tom Leveen****

Sick is about Brian and his friends trying to escape form their school. The school has been taken over by these zombie like sick kids. The sick kids try to eat people to get healthy cells to become cured. Brian is one of the only survivors on campus, and he devising a plan with his friends who are trapped with him at school. They go looking for other friends that could have survived. They know that they can't punch a hole in the fence because the zombie-like sick kids would get out and infect whoever is left in the city. So they have to climb the fence to escape the school campus, but everything they do is not with out a price. They lose friends and gain some. In the end, they have to make some of the hardest decisions of their lives.

Sick is a very interesting book. The kids who are sick are almost invincible, with crystal-like skin. It forms like scales and glitters in the sun (which is oddly mentioned a lot). I really thought the idea that the sick kids (I'm calling 'em zombies) are trying to eat healthy flesh, especially places that have a lot of white blood cells, is interesting in a gross sort of way. The whole concept is very good, and middle school horror seekers will love this book.